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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Surprise Treats

My husband surprised me with a pretty little cake box from Calea last night, so sweet! Mmmmm just three cake slices inside?! Darn, I was hoping I'd get one of those little mini valentines day cake but that's fine. There's no way he'd let me finish one whole cake by myself, not even the mini ones so that's fine. I'm happy with just a few slices. I have all the cake I can eat anyway...one blueberry cheesecake, one triple berry cheesecake and one butter pecan.

Ermm, I already ate two last night (I did share the cake with him but he's just not much of a cake person) and oops, I forgot to take a picture *grins* but this last slice, is my favorite of all. I didn't eat it until this morning and I did take a piccie for you to drool over *BIG smile* Such a pretty little cake, don't you think? Well, I love it!

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