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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just a Quick Update

I'm now in my 8th month and my baby is a whole lot active than ever. I can feel him kicking even at 2 in the morning but I've no problem with that. I usually hit the pillows like a ton of bricks. That's how tired I get, haha! Then there are times I would just toss and turn all night and think and think and think. Sometimes I pray. I talk to God, make sure to thank him before pouring out all my thoughts and aches and pains. It feels good when I do that. I feel cleansed. I feel light as a feather right after.

Just last night I prayed about my pregnancy. I prayed for my health and for my baby's. I prayed for a normal and healthy delivery. I prayed for more work for myself and for my husband. We are both freelancers and it's how we make a living. We both have experienced ups and downs at work, nothing serious, but of course, with the baby on the way, we'd really appreciate getting hired more, even better if we get hired at a much higher rate. I pray that it would happen soon especially since the baby is due first week of September.

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