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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Biguerlai Tea - Is It Worth It?

Day 8
I just finished reading Kaye's blog where she shared her one-week Biguerlai experience Biguerlai Blues. It was a good read. Many people commented and shared their own Biguerlai experience. Some were very inspiring. Some were quite funny which reminds me of my own one-week Biguerlai experience. The first three days was hell. Good thing I work at home and don't need to go anywhere but the bathroom if I need to take a dump badly. I only stopped using Biguerlai tea because I was trying to get pregnant and I was a little concerned about its effects. What if unknowingly I get myself pregnant while taking the tea? That's one question I don't have an answer as of yet. But now with a new goal in mind (lose weight in 365 days), I'd be happy to give Biguerlai tea another try especially since I am not trying to get pregnant anymore, I figured I can get pregnant later when I am slimmer and sexier LOL. I'll let you all know how it goes after 3 months of continued use.

For information purposes, Biguerlai tea is a mild laxative tea. It is made of senna fruits and leaves and promotes slimming and weight lost. Its side effects are: loose bowel movements and dizziness. WARNING (taken from the back of the canister) overdosage can result in diarrhea with excessive loss of water and electrolytes particularly potassium.

358 slimming days left.

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