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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lemon Juice Diet - Does It Really Work?

Day 7
There are days when I feel a little sick in the stomach. I feel squeamish and bloated and lazy. With all the junk I used to eat, it's no surprise I feel very unhealthy. I need food that can help me get rid of toxins in the body and I found that lemons are natural detoxifiers.

We don't really have lemons here in the Philippines but we do have local lemons called calamansi or lemoncito. They are way smaller in size compared to lemons.

I also found out that going on a lemon juice diet helps in weight loss. Does it really work? Who knows! Until I find out for myself, I can't really say that drinking lemon juice everyday is a good way to detoxify or to lose weight but one thing is sure, with all the vitamin C you get from the juice you are guaranteed a healthier and stronger immune system. That's like saying no more colds and flu for years.

Lemons are bright yellow in color, oblong in size and around 2-4 inches long while lemoncitos are small, green and round like marbles. They both come in different varieties.

Lemoncitos or Calamansi

Lemon juice diet - a glass or two a day? Perfect.

359 slimming days left.

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