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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burn Fat With Oxygen?

I woke up this morning determined to find more ways to lose weight. The most interesting health fact I dig up while surfing the Internet so far has something to do with the natural fat burning process happening inside the body. Did you know that oxygen helps in burning body fat? I'm totally thrilled.

Day 5
Oxygen is needed by the body to effectively burn fat. Chances are, not all oxygen taken in is processed and successfully distributed to the vital organs of the body. It's only with proper breathing that you learn how to make use of oxygen and use it in natural fat burning.

Oxygen increases body energy, helping you fight off stress and fatigue. Oxygen increases metabolism and also helps the body get rid of fat-inducing toxins. Two ways to improve and encourage proper breathing is by practicing yoga and tai chi.

I have already downloaded basic yoga moves and basic tai chi videos and will be including 15 minutes of each into my daily routine.

361 slimming days left.

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