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Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Lose Weight or To NOT Lose Weight

If losing weight is as easy and as natural as breathing, I would not be having a hard time as I am having right now. I am at DAY 4 and already I am starting to feel the pinch, the discomfort, the utter boredom of having to do the same thing over and over. What exactly have I been doing the last three days to reduce weight? Well, I do a little bellydancing each day (5-10 minutes) and then I try to get myself to eat one banana or two. I also try to get more sleep (easier now that I got a sleeping balm to help me sleep). Not much but it is the least I can do to live a healthier, fat-free, stress-free life. This, of course, also means cutting down on junk food. No more cookies and muffins and pies. No more cheeseburgers. No more chips. Sigh.

Being overweight is not fun. I'm missing out on a lot of things. I cannot eat what I like for fear of ruining the whole 365-day exercise and diet plan. I cannot do what I want. I cannot go shopping with my friends, I cannot run when I want to run and I cannot even go out to walk the dog. Can you just feel all that lovely self-esteem going down?

Being overweight means getting all hot and sweaty at the wrong time. Picture shopping with your friends and then finding your top wet with sweat and your makeup streaking. I just hate it when that happens. Picture running and then going blue in the face as you try to catch your breath, huffing and puffing, wiping brows and face with wet wipes to get rid of excess sweat. I know how that exactly feels. That's why I don't go out much these days. If I were to get hot and sweaty, I'd rather be home where no one can see my flushed face.

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