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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Real Challenge

I'm sick and tired and for once, I would like to get something done. If there is anything I feel would be a real challenge. It would be losing 35 lbs. Surely, 365 days of exercise and diet is going to get me what I want.

I used to have a 23 inch waistline. But after years of lack of sleep, stress and a not-so-healthy eating lifestyle, look at me now. I am overweight and I cannot even get myself to go shopping anymore. I feel like every tank top and jeans sold in stores are made for someone way, way slimmer. I don't really feel all that good thinking about it.

I have to do something.

Remember Julie and Julia? I'd like to do something similar. Nothing to do with cooking though. I might mention food every now and then I supposed but more so, it will be about how I'm going to go through 365 days of diet and exercise so I can return to my ideal weight.

My name is Genevieve. I am 27 years old turning 28 this November. I am 145 lbs, about 5 feet, taller when I am wearing my heels, oh and I have a 33 inch waistline!! What I lack in height, I make up in size. Toink!

After 365 days, I am going to weigh myself again and hopefully, I am 35 lbs lighter and 6 inch slimmer around the waist. Day 1 starts first thing tomorrow.

Good luck!

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