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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Day 1
I spent a couple of hours searching for bellydancing videos on YouTube today. I heard that bellydancing is an effective slimming method and that it can help you develop a firmer and flatter tummy. So I tried the basics. The moves were easy but after a few minutes, my tummy started to hurt. I have not had any form of exercise for years so that could be why my body felt that way.

After about 15 minutes of shaking my booty and throwing my hips left and throwing my hips right, I sweat like a grunting pig. Ugh I wanted to lie down in bed so bad and just stop my aching body from trembling but my husband told me not to lie down. He doesn't want me to fall asleep dead tired like that. Did I overdo it? I only did 15 minutes! Sheeesh. Anyway, great. So I did it.

364 slimming days left.

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