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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OK, What Happened?

I guess I need to do some explaining. I disappeared in the middle of all this and just left without a word. I didn't even put a BRB sign to let you peeps know when I will be back. Sorry guys. I honestly fucked up.

I got distracted.
I got too busy.
I just woke up and decided to live my life free as a bird. No diet. No exercise. Nothing.

Did it make me any happier? No, it didn't. I actually gained a few more pounds.

So what now? Just leave it at that? NOPE.

I'm starting over. BUT I want it to make some progress this time and I want to keep track of everything.

First, some updates!! I have been counting calories for two weeks now. 1200-1500 calories a day and then a bit of exercise here and there. Great start? Yep, great start!!

The 30th of the month will be my official weigh-in day. I want a super clean slate so I'll be starting January. Perfect time, everyone will be too tired to do any more partying! And I won't have to do any more cooking! Bleh

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