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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bath Sessions With Baby

Giving Cairo a bath is a challenge. He's so delicate and so small. Good thing my husband is always there to help. He makes me feel so much better when he is around. Anyway, we have this little tub that comes with a sling to hold the baby and it is a life saver. With the sling to support the baby, there's no worry about him slipping. Of course, being the eldest among four other siblings is also a huge advantage when it comes to taking care of the baby. I grew up watching my mom and my grandmother take care of my two youngest sisters who were still babies then. I have helped them give my sisters a bath and I also babysat almost every summer so I think that armed with these experiences, I'll do great as a first time mom.

The part that concerns me about giving my baby a bath is the cleaning of the umbilical cord, what's left of it that is. The stump, as they call it, is still protruding. I was told that it's okay for it to get wet. I just need to make sure to clean it and keep it dry right after. In a week or two, it will shrivel and fall off by itself.

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