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Monday, March 10, 2014

Fresh Look, No Makeup

Michelle Phan is one of the many YouTube celebrities I look up to. She is Asian and she has magic hands. She can transform herself from fresh and innocent into a look that is totally different. All these with the help of makeup!

As much as I'd like to apply what I have learned from watching her makeup video tutorials, I prefer going without makeup if I can get away with it. BUT because I work nights and often find myself lacking sleep, looking fresh and glowing is not an easy feat. I don't need to put makeup on when I don't have anywhere to go to but when I do have to go somewhere, I make sure I apply makeup as light and subtle as possible, almost like I don't have any on. Is that possible? Sure, with just a few dabs of lip balm on your lips and a good, light moisturizer on your face, it is possible. For the teens and the 20-some ladies that is.

Fresh look, no makeup! 
I'm 31 but I have been told that I'd pass for someone in their mid-twenties when fresh out of the shower and with 8+ hours of sleep. At other times, I look deader than a fish out of the water. Chapped lips, droopy eyes, dark circles, dry skin, dull all over. You get the picture.

If I want to stay young and look young, I should take better care of myself! My beauty routine should include applying moisturizer on my face and drinking lots of water. Two things that I keep forgetting to do. Another thing I should include in my beauty regimen is exercise. Any form of exercise! 

Did I tell you that I've started doing Yoga? I subscribed to DoYouYoga.com and everyday I get a free Yoga video in my email. It wasn't easy the first time but as I continue to apply what I learn from Erin, the video yogi, I find myself improving. 

Hope all this hard work will get me some results soon. I'll definitely be back here to give you updates!


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