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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Getting Rid of Fat with...FAT!

This is a quick update on my weight loss progress. If this is not what you came to my blog for then it's okay, you can skip this one or you can visit my other blog if you prefer reading about my work as an oDesk freelancer. If you did come here on your own and love reading about weight loss or anything health-related then stick around.

This was taken last February before I started the LCHF diet.
Do you remember last month when I wrote about my new diet? It's called LCHF which stands for Low Carb, High Fat. Read more about the diet here: DietDoctor.com

I forgot to write down my weight from last month so I have nothing to compare to my current weight. I cannot prove that LCHF is working for me just yet until I show you the weighing scale and maybe a couple of before and after photos but just so you know, I have successfully reduced my carb intake and have totally increased my fat consumption. 

What have I been eating the whole month of February? Here's a list.

Fried eggs, scrambled eggs, fried chicken, spicy chicken, chicken adobo, chicken and sayote, chicken tinola, roasted chicken, chicken pochero, mushroom, hot and spicy tuna, beef and tons of veggies. I would like to expand the list and try new recipes but since it is not grocery day yet, it will have to wait until Friday. 

For exercise, I have been going out for quick afternoon jogs. I have also been doing some bellydancing and yoga. I cannot say how much fat I've gotten rid of yet. I don't see any visible changes in my waistline. BUT I am really, really looking forward to results. I hope to get slimmer in the middle up and one day, be able to get rid of my old jeans. Maybe get a new one. When that happens, I'll only have one thing to thank for and that's LCHF. 

Get rid of fat with...FAT! Yebaaah!

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