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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Help! I Need a Good Scar Remover

I had the most unfortunate experience the other day while I was out in our front yard.

The tree right where I was standing was wrapped with a thin wire, the other end of which was attached to our bamboo fence and I did not see it. Our two dogs startled me when they started jumping and running towards me. I stepped away and I walked right into the wire. The next minute, I felt a sharp pain just below my forehead. I was surprisingly calm. I knew then that I cut myself but I did not panic. I stopped for a minute or two, took a deep breath, assessed what happened before calling out my husband. He pulled me inside the house the minute he saw my face. He thought I got hurt pretty bad but when he took a closer look, he calmed down. It wasn't a deep cut but there was a bit of skin that almost peeled off. It's a good thing I recently purchased a small Neosporin bottle. My husband cleaned the cut with the Neosporin and then with Betadine.

The cut is right at the bridge of my nose and it is healing nicely. I'm thinking of going to the drugstore tomorrow to buy Contractubex. I remember the name of the scar gel because it was Maricar Reyes who was promoting it on TV.

I also read a bit about the product from two different blogs. Jen of Kikay Corner used Contractubex on a big angry gash that she got on her shin when she tripped and hurt herself. She posted before and after pictures of her scar which pretty much convinced me that Contractubex does work! Rochelle of HeaRty's Haven also wrote a review and posted a picture of her scar after 8 months of use. The scar did lighten but it is still there so I guess the effectiveness of the product pretty much depend on how deep the cut is and how much damage the skin and tissue has to repair. I sure hope the said scar gel will work on mine!

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