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Monday, March 17, 2014

Weight Loss Update: My Everyday Struggle with Carbs

Like all Filipinos, I eat rice everyday, every meal time but now that I am on the LCHF diet, I'm having to go without any and NO, it's not just for February or for March but for the whole duration of my diet. That is if I want to get rid of my extra weight and get back down to 100 lbs. 

I never thought that I would be taking this seriously but SERIOUSLY? If you could just see how I've shrunked in so short a time, you'd be wanting to join me as I cut down my carbs.

I made a lot of adjustments since February 8th when I first started. I've stopped buying bread. I've stopped making dessert and have replaced all sweets with fruit slices. As for whether I still serve rice during meal times, you have to understand, my husband and my 2-year old are not on LCHF. I still cook rice everyday and I still find myself giving in whenever I see rice in front of me but thank God, I don't take it by the cup anymore. Would you believe I'm happy with just one tablespoon? Wohooo, what an accomplishment!

More updates soon!

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