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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ingredient of the Day: Ampalaya

The problem: Because I am on the LCHF diet, coming up with recipes that are low-carb, delicious and budget-friendly is not something I can do in a snap.

The first few weeks of the diet was the hardest. I wanted to reduce my carb intake and increase my consumption of fat but I kept running out of food ideas. I struggled and was not eating enough. Because eggs are the easiest to cook, I found myself eating fried eggs more often than I would have liked.

If I were to rate myself for creativity in the kitchen, that would have been a total flop. I told myself that has to stop! I cannot go on eating fried eggs morning, afternoon and night. Surely, I can find the time to cook and come up with meals good enough to sate my appetite without falling off my diet. That's when my hunt for low-carb recipes both online and offline began.

The solution: I now plan my menu weeks ahead. It has saved me both money and time. The only problem I have is that I cannot store some of the food without them expiring.  They also are a bit expensive and not always available in the local shops. So to finally resolve the problem, I've started using local ingredients and cook from scratch. I just have to make do with what I have.

My new favorite ingredient this week is the AMPALAYA or what they call "Bitter Gourd" or "Bitter Melon" in English.

I'm growing one in our backyard. Hopefully, I can keep the dogs away from the plant.

Photo credit/source: mcnash125

Photo credit/source: whologwhy

And this is what I came up with today! Stir-fried ampalaya sliced really thin with shredded beef (fat included).

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