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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Secret To Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Day 3
You think it's the brand new soap they advertise on TV? You think it's the moisturizer in that oh-so-posh bottle you see on the glossy covers of magazines? Well, no, not really. Forget that it's even secret. Everybody knows what it is. It's just plain tap water. Drink eight glasses everyday and you'll look like you just swallowed your first light bulb. Seriously, you'll have smoother, younger-looking skin that glows like a baby's bottom.

Water rejuvenates the body, quenches the thirst and helps you get rid of harmful toxins. When you drink water, you promote better blood circulation in the body, your body burns fat better, every part of your body gets to do their part.

I have to admit that I don't always drink eight glasses everyday. Sometimes I just forget. I get too busy at work. I get too busy watching TV. I get too busy on everything else. Probably why I am overweight. But of course, now that I am more determined to lose weight than ever, water is going to be my best friend.

362 slimming days left.

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