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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Turning 6 months This June 13

Here's my new favorite photo of me. I'm wearing one of those baggy shirts with pockets on the side that looks great with a pair of leggings and it's super comfy! I'm going to get more shirts like this since my tummy's really big now and I'm starting to waddle. I'm also experiencing more back pains and have trouble bending over. I sooooo want a full body massage. That would feel so darn good!

Anyway, I'm almost in my 6th month and I can feel the baby move more and more now. It's hard sleeping on the side. I'm not too comfortable sleeping on my back either. Just a few more months and everything will be back to normal. I cannot wait to find out if my baby's a boy or a girl. I pray he's healthy and doing great.

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